Cocaine Abuse

Everything you need to know about Cocaine Abuse

It is good to know that there are signs you look for and know that someone is using cocaine. There are many cocaine abuse signs, and all you need is to know them, and you can tell when your loved one is using this dangerous drug. This is the easiest way to determine if a person is using cocaine.

The ways you use to determine if someone is abusing cocaine may not give 100% certainty, but it is a better option than confronting the person with a test. It will be easier when you know the signs. There are three main signs that you should look out for. They include:

Weight loss: Cocaine suppresses appetite and makes most users hungry without them knowing it. Cocaine addicts do not eat enough and cannot maintain the right weight. You will notice that someone healthy may lose weight drastically in a short time. This is the most visible sign when you suspect one is using cocaine. Skin will look unhealthy, especially if the person has been using cocaine for a long time.

 Late night outs: Most cocaine addicts consume the drug at night. You will notice that the person you suspect is more likely to disappear for several hours at night. Others will disappear for days and come back looking tired and weak. This happens because cocaine addicts lose the concept of time and will continue using the drug when they should be asleep. If someone stays out late to around 4 am, there is a possibility that they may be using cocaine.

Nose problems: This happens to people who snort cocaine. It goes to the bloodstream through the nasal tissue. It is common for addicts to use cocaine in large amounts and that can cause damage on the mucus membrane. They also suffer from a runny nose all year round. Stuffy noses are common, especially after a binge. Look at the person’s nose and see if there are any of these signs.

However, you will not see any of these signs if the person is not snorting cocaine. There are other ways to ingest the drug, like injection or smoking. You can look for any marks on the person’s arms to see if they have been injected. It can be difficult if the person is always in long sleeved clothing.

Most people who use cocaine are quiet, but most of them will display one of the above signs. It’s good to check these signs and you will have an idea when you suspect a friend or a relative is using cocaine. It will enable you to take the right action and help that person before it’s too late. With treatment, one can overcome the effects of cocaine and become free from drug dependence. A person who is an addict of cocaine is sick.

You also need to know that the person is not immoral. With good help, such a person can live a normal life again.

Cocaine Abuse

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Cocaine Abuse

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