Cocaine Abuse

Everything you need to know about Cocaine Abuse

For you to know if someone  is using cocaine, you must be aware of the symptoms. It is important for you to spot the symptoms and help that person get help and overcome the problem. People who are dependent on cocaine need encouragement to find a way to recover from addiction. Some addicts will not want others to know that they are using cocaine and want to stop taking the drug.

There are short-term symptoms that can be seen. One of them is dilated or red pupils. They also have a runny nose and lose appetites. You also notice that someone loses weight drastically. They become hyperactive and can not concentrate. They may sweat a lot and suffer from loose bowels which leads to dehydration.

There are other symptoms that can be seen in a person who has been using cocaine for a long time. An addict will become irresponsible and stop taking care of family needs. A person who abuses cocaine is looking for the next day to get high. They take more of the drug and that increases the chances of having a heart attack. Strokes are also common due to restricted blood vessels and increased blood pressure.

There are people who use cocaine to stay alert and take small doses of the drug. They are energetic, euphoric, sleepy, and talkative. A person will change and become him very different. It is wise to note that someone who takes cocaine in large amount is likely to be violent, bizarre, or erratic. This cocaine user may also have tremors, muscle twitches, and paranoia.

Cocaine gives the user short-time highs and sometimes has to be taken in the morning, during break, lunch, and evenings. When someone is feeling high, he or she will look at skin and blink. Pressure rises and heart rate increases. The addict feels like there are things crawling under the skin. They try to make their hair go down because they feel like its standing up straight.

Another symptom of cocaine addiction is complete change of character. A person may become insensitive and will not see anything serious. This kind of a person will reject any help given.

A person who abuses cocaine for a long time is likely to lose self-confidence. An addict does not value family ties and lacks interest in friends. They become dirty and will not change clothes, even if they used to be clean and smart before.

Loss of proper concentration is another symptom. This is caused by reduced memory capacity.

Check for any of these symptoms. It is important to help the addict before cocaine destroys his or her life completely. Remember that cocaine can kill, and these symptoms should not be ignored.

Cocaine Abuse

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Cocaine Abuse

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