Cocaine Abuse

Everything you need to know about Cocaine Abuse

Cocaine addicts should find help to start living a normal life again. This is hard because they will experience withdrawal symptoms. One can not just stop taking this and think that life will be fine. There are psychological factors which must be treated with extra care. The body undergoes crisis when one stops taking the drug. It crashes and the addict requires a lot of help to survive.

If no medical help is sought, withdrawal symptoms can be as severe as an overdose. This means that it could lead to death.

Withdrawal symptoms are different and will vary from person to person. Some will crash a few hours after they miss the drug. Others will take days for their bodies to react to the absence of cocaine. Withdrawal symptoms can last for a few days or a few months.

When addicts stop feeling high, they will look for cocaine to use. This is what leads to dependency. An addict wants to feel the euphoria and will do anything to get it. If cocaine is not taken, the person crashes. One reason is extreme tiredness, and their heart rate and breathing becomes slow. This can make the person become unconscious. Lethargy and too much sleep are the most common withdrawal symptoms.

Psychological symptoms will occur after withdrawal. The person becomes irritated easily and can suffer from depression. This happens because the brain can not secrete any hormones to make the person happy. Cocaine is the only source of joy for addicts. This causes thoughts of suicide.

When someone starts talking about suicide, extra care should be taken to prevent any disaster. This kind of a person has no control over his or her feelings because the brain is not functioning properly.

Hallucinations and confusion are also withdrawal symptoms. Nausea, chills, diarrhea, and agitation are some of the side-effects a person will experience. Some people will only experience some of these symptoms while others feel terrible. The craving for cocaine is strong and is the hardest thing to overcome.

Addicts think they need a last injection or snort and then they will be ready to quit. This has to be avoided because it will take the addict backwards. This may even hinder the person from quitting.

One should not try to quit without professional help, but there are some things that one can do to make it easier. Being positive towards the process, focusing on the benefits of withdrawing ,can help a lot. This will give the addict hope that life can be good again without drugs.

To make quitting easier, one should move to a place where there are no temptations to use the drug.

Cocaine Abuse

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Cocaine Abuse

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