Cocaine Abuse

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Cocaine Abuse

Sep - 2 - 2011

Cocaine is taken to give the user a feeling of “high.” Some people decide to use cocaine occasionally. They take it when they go to parties and do not think they can become addicts. This drug is very addictive and alters the mind powerfully. There are people who associate cocaine with the rich and famous, see it as something fashionable related to Hollywood and celebrities. Whatever the reason, anyone who starts using this drug is at risk. They will become addicted, whether they like it or not; this gives way to various things that alter a person’s life. Below are some of the worst things that one can experience when using cocaine.

Addiction and dependence: Once someone has used cocaine, they will want to have more and experience the euphoria.  The stimulating effects make the user want to take more. Cocaine gives pleasure, causing cravings. This leads to addiction and dependence on the drug. The person develops higher tolerance and uses more cocaine. The addict is caught in a vicious cycle of the drug abuse and the desire to use it is never ending.

Health complication caused by ingestion method: There are several ways in which someone can use cocaine. They all bring terrible side-effects. Snorting is a method used by some, causing a consistently runny nose and frequent nosebleeds, loss of sense of smelling, chronic hoarseness, nasal perforation, and difficulty in swallowing. Those who ingest the drug through the mouth are likely to suffer from ulcers and low blood flow in the intestine, leading to serious bowel gangrene and a lot of pain in the abdomen. Those who inject the drug are at risk of contracting HIV. They can also get other diseases spread through infected blood, like hepatitis.

Stroke, heart attack, and respiratory failure: Cocaine is a dangerous drug and can cause problems to first time users. It can cause respiratory failure or heart attacks. It increases heart beats and restricts the blood vessels. It makes users breathe faster and shallowly. This contributes a lot to stroke or heart attacks. Extended cocaine abuse increases the chances of the user suffering from problems.

Physiological malfunction: Cocaine affects the ability of the brain to function properly. This makes the user suffer from convulsions and seizures. Other users suffer from severe paranoia. This happens when someone has used the drug for a long time. They lose touch with everyday life and can not see reality. The person’s behavior and personality will change. They will tell lies a lot and steal from their loved ones in order to meet the cost of the drugs.

Insanity and death: As one continues to use cocaine, they increase the amount taken. This can lead to insanity and even cause death.

Cocaine Abuse

Cocaine is taken to give the user a feeling of ...

Cocaine Abuse

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