Cocaine Abuse

Everything you need to know about Cocaine Abuse

Cocaine is a very common drug in modern society; there are many people who are abusing it. Many of the people who use cocaine are aware of the dangerous effects it has on health. It can ruin someone’s life because it affects various parts of the body, including the brain. This makes the user fail to think straight. It is easily found on the streets and that makes it easy for addicts to buy it.

It has an addictive stimulant that affects the brain. The user experiences feelings of euphoria and energy. It increases mental alertness and makes the addict very talkative. Cocaine is known to decrease appetite and cause insomnia. This makes it a great choice for young people who do not want to add weight.

It is also used by party goers to keep them awake. Students who want to study during the night are tempted to use cocaine, eventually becoming an addiction. Cocaine has extremely dangerous effects and should not be used, even if it offers some advantages. The feelings are temporary and will ruin the addict eventually.

Once someone uses cocaine, they will have a strong desire to use it again. Most people cannot resist the feeling and will use it, eventually becoming addicts. As one continues, there is need to increase the amount taken because the body develops tolerance and the desired feelings are not given if the drug is taken in small amounts. There are bad symptoms that the addict will have to put up with.

Irritability is one of the most common signs and the addict just can not control it. He or she will have mood disturbances and may become restless. Cocaine changes the personality of the addict. Paranoia is a dangerous symptom and occurs in people who have used cocaine for a long time. Hallucinations are a long-term effect of cocaine abuse. The user will hear voices and will look confused all the time.

There are medical complications caused by cocaine abuse. These are dangerous and include cardiovascular problems. The heart rate increases after using cocaine and can lead to heart attacks. Those who smoke cocaine suffer from respiratory health problems.

Chest pains are common and can lead to failure of the respiratory system. Neurological complications are also common in cocaine addicts. This drug stimulates the brain and after long-term use leads to problems like seizure, strokes, and headaches. The abdomen is affected by cocaine too. It causes gastrointestinal complications like nausea and pain in the stomach.

Cocaine comes in powder form and is snorted. It can also be dissolved in water and injected. Other users smoke it to get the effect of highness. Whichever way chosen, cocaine is dangerous and addictive. Overdose can be fatal. Combining this drug with heroin or any other abusive drug can be dangerous and can cause death.

Cocaine Abuse

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Cocaine Abuse

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